Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weeks 14 and 15

Mmmmm Strawberries! I. Love. Strawberries. I eat them every morning in my cereal and plain throughout the day. Still Loving those cuties oranges too. I must be having a girl with all the fruit I'm craving. Hopefully we will find out soon. If my dr doesn't do an ultrasound at my 16 week check up (she is known to do random ultra sounds. Love her for that!) and give us an idea of what the baby could be, we are going do the 3d ultrasound the following week. I seriously can't wait to find out what this baby is!

Maternity clothes: Nope, still wearing my normal jeans.
Cravings: Strawberries, oranges, and cheese.
Weight gain: up 2 pounds but I was down 8 so does that make it down 6? Whatever lets just say up 2 pounds so it doesn't get confusing.
Movement: Not yet feeling those first butterflies. I'm sure by next week I will.
Looking forward to: finding out the gender!
Wedding rings on/off: On of course. Too early for that yet.

Now for weeks 14 and 15 pics. Doing it a little different now.

I think next time I will hang the big chalkboard up and stand next to it. I like the look of both the big and small chalkboard though, so I will probably mix it up every week.

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Krysta said...

I like the chalkboards. It is amazing how fast they grow! I craved cheese with Kaylee. Hmmmm...