Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7 Weeks

I am 7 weeks as of yesterday. these past two weeks have been not so fun. I have been nauseous pretty much all day and super tired. I have worked out two days in the past two weeks, but have lost 5 pounds. Not really the way I want to lose weight! Can't wait until food doesn't make me cringe anymore. I would say this is the worst morning sickness I have had out of all my kids. Guess my body was saving the best for the last one.I like strawberry banana smoothies and spaghetti and that's about it. I start to think something else sounds good and then when I go to eat it, it's not so good. I really haven't had any cravings as of now.

So Layne and I decided that if it's a girl I get to name her and if it's a boy he does. I think it's a girl. Or maybe I just want a girl so bad that my signals are off?! Sorry if you are a boy. Mommy loves you baby! So if it's a girl the middle name will for sure be Grace, after my baby neice. I love the name Charlotte Grace. I would call her Charlie for short. Layne doesn't care for the Charlie part, but oh well. He says if it's a boy he is going to name him Memphis Layne. Let's just hope for a girl shall we?

7 week picture:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby Number 3!

I am so excited for baby number three. We found out on Wednesday, November 2nd 2011. I took a home pregnancy test. Layne was playing golf. I couldn't wait any longer to find out, so he said go ahead and do it without him. I txted him a picture of the positive test. We were both super excited!! So by my calculation I am 5 weeks along And should be due about July 2. Since I have a C-section that will mean I will probably have her/him around the end of June.

The first person I called, after Layne, was my mom, then my sister, then my best friend, and then I txted several close friends and my brothers. Then we all headed to my in-laws and told them. Everyone was super thrilled. It was a very exciting day.

I am not feeling very pregnant yet. I haven't been queasy at all, however there are certain foods that make me cringe. I have also been craving pepperoni and I usually don't care for it at all.

My plan is to take a weekly picture in the same tank top. I probably won't see much of a difference for awhile. I didn't start showing until about 20 weeks or so with my first two. Maybe this one will be sooner because it's my third. We shall see.

Here I am at 5 weeks (as per my calculation. this may change after first drs appointment)

So I will totally be looking at these pictures 5 months from now wishing I was skinny again! I really am looking forward to a bump though. I always get excited when I finally start showing. It seems like it takes forever!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a fabulous Halloween this year. Thursday night I went to a friends house and we decorated cookies. Just the moms. It was really nice to have grown up talk without interruption and decorating cookies was fun too. The next day we took the kids to a local nursing home and handed out the cookies. It was a really good time. I of course have no pictures of any of this. Darn. Ethan was super friendly to all the older people there. It was too cute.

Then Friday evening we went to a Halloween party and trunk or treating put on by a friend of mines church. It was a really good time. The kids had a fabulous time and Layne and I really enjoyed the people around us. Again no pictures. So not like me. Alexa dressed up like Strawberry Shortcake and Ethan dressed up like himself. Stubborn little thing. Good thing he is so dang cute.

 Then she saw her friend Kaylee dressed up like a nerd and totally wanted to do it too. Sigh.....So glad we bought costumes for our kids this year! Next year free costumes! They are going to use what they have! I have to admit she made a pretty darn cute nerd.
 At least she still used the Strawberry Shortcake bag I made her.
 Ethan got the hang of trick or Treating really fast. He loved it, but he only went to about 20 houses and was done with it.
 No costume, but at least he wore a shirt that said Happy Halloween. That counts for something right??
 Was a little freaked out by a skeleton in a mirror here. He was kind of in a trance.

 The next morning he went and grabbed his "purse" (that's what he calls the pumpkin bag I made him) and dove into his loot. Thumbs up mom!
 Saturday before Halloween Layne and I were invited to a "White Trash" Halloween party that a friend of mine was throwing. We dressed up a little. I wore my hair down and crazy and waaayyyy too much make-up. If you think our outfits are bad you should see how everyone else dressed! It was a riot! We laughed all night.
 This picture of Layne makes me laugh. His outfit is awesome!
 Don't we just look sooo classy ;)
We seriously don't go out enough. We are always so busy with the kids and just doing family stuff together that we forget that we really need to spend some time alone together (well at least without the kids). We should start going out on a date at least once a month. Maybe. We shall see.

It was a really fun Halloween. Now it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas before we know it!