Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7 Weeks

I am 7 weeks as of yesterday. these past two weeks have been not so fun. I have been nauseous pretty much all day and super tired. I have worked out two days in the past two weeks, but have lost 5 pounds. Not really the way I want to lose weight! Can't wait until food doesn't make me cringe anymore. I would say this is the worst morning sickness I have had out of all my kids. Guess my body was saving the best for the last one.I like strawberry banana smoothies and spaghetti and that's about it. I start to think something else sounds good and then when I go to eat it, it's not so good. I really haven't had any cravings as of now.

So Layne and I decided that if it's a girl I get to name her and if it's a boy he does. I think it's a girl. Or maybe I just want a girl so bad that my signals are off?! Sorry if you are a boy. Mommy loves you baby! So if it's a girl the middle name will for sure be Grace, after my baby neice. I love the name Charlotte Grace. I would call her Charlie for short. Layne doesn't care for the Charlie part, but oh well. He says if it's a boy he is going to name him Memphis Layne. Let's just hope for a girl shall we?

7 week picture:

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