Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ethan's Third Birthday

I am seriously super behind. Ethan was three a month ago! AND I haven't even posted about easter yet. Sigh.... I am in project mode right now. With only 10 more weeks until Emma is here, I have a ton to still get done. On with Ethan. I can't believe my baby is THREE! Where did the time go? He is my super smart, particular, opinionated, loving, sweet little boy. I just adore him and everything about him. He is saying his ABCs perfectly now, he can recognize a few letters as well, we are starting to write letters, he can count to 20, he knows a ton of colors, he knows most shapes and he knows his birth date. He is a super loving little thing. He randomly comes up to me during the day and says "mommy I love you, hug me" So sweet!! I treasure everytime he does it because there will be a time when he doesn't :(

This was on his actual birthday. I made some homemade cupcakes, we went to bouncing bears and we took him to Red Lobster to eat, per his request.

 His birthday present was a big one this year. Only because we had been talking about getting a swing set for awhile now. He LOVES it. He calls it his "park". Every time he plays with the steering wheel he sings "ships on the sea, ships on the sea" I have no idea where he got that from.

 His birthday party, a week later, was perfect. A bunch of his friends were there. I worked really hard all week preparing.

 Spider man came to play! blurry shot!
 obsessed with Iphones

 Opening presents

I am three!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weeks 26 and 27

WHOOOO HOOOOO! It's the third trimester! I am excited and stressed at the same time. I still don't even have my room painted, nothing is decorated and I have seriously bought nothing for Emma yet! I still have 12 weeks to go, but it seems too close. Besides I am a planner and little OCD so this last minute stuff kills me. I am still feeling great though. I haven't had any back pain and I am still exercising most days of the week. Although I did quit running about 5 weeks ago. I was getting horrible cramps and would have to sit down for ten minutes to make them go away. My docter said I was probably making my uterus contract. Not something I really wanted to do at this point, so I stopped. Maybe I'll start running again at 37 weeks to get her to come out ;) Just joking!Kind of..... Here are the great details of the last two weeks:

Weight gain: Ummm let's not go there. Okay I really think I am starting to retain water because I have been gaining 3 pounds in a week. so annoying! So I am up 20 pounds now, but If you minus the 7 I loss then I guess I am only up 13. It's just hard to see the scale go up. I know it will all come off fast though and I am not going to care when I see Emma's cute little face.
Cravings: Still loving my hot turkey and cheese snadwiches with tomatoes and avocado. Also, love me some whole wheat pita with hummus. Carrots are a favorite too. And of course my good old strawberries mmmmm.
Maternity clothes: Still can wear my jeans and some shorts with a bella band. I did go and buy one pair of maternity capris and I also bought a couple pair of khaki shorts with a drawstring top, but they aren't maternity.
Looking forward to: Getting Emma's nursery space in our room decorated. It needs to happen this month for sure!

Week 26 and 27 pics. Tried something a bit different for week 27