Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weeks 26 and 27

WHOOOO HOOOOO! It's the third trimester! I am excited and stressed at the same time. I still don't even have my room painted, nothing is decorated and I have seriously bought nothing for Emma yet! I still have 12 weeks to go, but it seems too close. Besides I am a planner and little OCD so this last minute stuff kills me. I am still feeling great though. I haven't had any back pain and I am still exercising most days of the week. Although I did quit running about 5 weeks ago. I was getting horrible cramps and would have to sit down for ten minutes to make them go away. My docter said I was probably making my uterus contract. Not something I really wanted to do at this point, so I stopped. Maybe I'll start running again at 37 weeks to get her to come out ;) Just joking!Kind of..... Here are the great details of the last two weeks:

Weight gain: Ummm let's not go there. Okay I really think I am starting to retain water because I have been gaining 3 pounds in a week. so annoying! So I am up 20 pounds now, but If you minus the 7 I loss then I guess I am only up 13. It's just hard to see the scale go up. I know it will all come off fast though and I am not going to care when I see Emma's cute little face.
Cravings: Still loving my hot turkey and cheese snadwiches with tomatoes and avocado. Also, love me some whole wheat pita with hummus. Carrots are a favorite too. And of course my good old strawberries mmmmm.
Maternity clothes: Still can wear my jeans and some shorts with a bella band. I did go and buy one pair of maternity capris and I also bought a couple pair of khaki shorts with a drawstring top, but they aren't maternity.
Looking forward to: Getting Emma's nursery space in our room decorated. It needs to happen this month for sure!

Week 26 and 27 pics. Tried something a bit different for week 27

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Krysta said...

You look so cute! I really like the outside picture.