Saturday, January 7, 2012

13 weeks

Finally the second trimester!! Seriously that seemed to last forever! I am finally eating normal agian and working out most days of the week. I am running, walking, lifting weights and taking a yoga class once a week (which I love).

So my main cravings now are pretzels with cheese, broccoli cheddar soup, cheese and crackers and the little cutie oranges ( I could eat ten in a row, I'm not kidding). Chicken salads are finally good again, in fact they taste amazing too! I have such an appreciation of food after not being able to eat very much for two months.

I am still not showing, but I can feel my uterus first thing in the morning before I go to the bathroom. I love feeling that there is actually something there. I still fit into all my normal clothes and they are actually a bit bigger on me right now. That will change soon! I really can't wait to start showing. I want to tell the world I am pregant :)

For my twelve week check-up my doctor did an ultrasound and we got to see the baby. Layne and Ethan were there with me. The baby was moving all over the place and actually resembled a little baby. So stinking cute!
 Me at 12 weeks
 me at 13 weeks

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