Thursday, March 1, 2012

Potty training

Ethan has been potty training for the past two weeks. He is doing amazing! I started by telling him for a week that his diapers were going to be gone and that he would have to wear underwear. He talked about it all week with me. I think he savored that last diaper. He didn't want to take it off. We were at Mini's when He finally had no choice and he easily put on his big boy underwear. I was amazed. He tells me now whenever he has to go and he has had very few accidents. He is however having a problem with going poop. Yesterday he grabbed a pullup (which we only use at bed time), took off his underwear and put on the pull-up, then he pooped in it. Little stinker! I think he is afraid to go on the toilet. He has gone when Layne is with him though, so maybe he is just trying to pull one over on momma! Needless to say, I am putting the pull-ups in a place where he can't reach them :)

He has even been good when we go places. We have gone out to eat, bouncing bears, children's museum, mall, and park. Not one accident while we were out! I am so excited. My goal was to have him potty trained before Emma gets here. We are early, she still has four months to go.

Here are some pics from this month of my beautiful boy. I just adore him.

 Handsome boy!
 Playing at the park with his friends, Jake, Robyn, Tyler, and August

 Cute underwear! I love him in his underwear. It's so stinking cute!
 Fishing with Pop. He was so proud to catch 6 fish!

 This is a face he gave Alexa. I think he was insulted by something, maybe that she was taking his picture.
 He is OBSESSED with his rain boots. They are so cute when he wears them with shorts. I love it!

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