Friday, September 16, 2011

Ethan at (almost) 2`1/2

Ethan amazes me every day. The things he comes out with and understands makes me smile. He counts to ten with ease, recognizes about 6 colors, He can say and point to pretty much all his body parts, he is speaking in small sentences and now he can sing about half of his ABCs ( the last half for some reason). He is my little genius boy :)

He has officially stopped nursing for almost three weeks now. It was hard, harder on me I think. I loved that bonding time with him. It was a time I could just cherish him and it was something only we could share. I'll miss it, but I'm excited that he is growing up. I feel thankful I was able to nourish and bond with him as long as I did. It was a beautiful experience.

We have been super busy with playdates with friends, our moms group, the library, bouncing bears, the children's museum, splash pad, park, ect ect

Here are some pics of the last couple weeks:

Playdate at bouncing bears:

 With that face he must be up to something
 He LOVES his T-ball. We play outside almost every night with it.

Everytime we go to The Children's Museum he pushes one of the carts everywhere. He is territorial about it too. Don't touch his cart! He even says to me "watch it mom" haha!
Playing trucks with his buddy August

Fishing with August

Just being silly

Rides at the mall after playing in the play area
Riding the carousel
Another time at Children's Museum. August petting the Turtle
Ethan petting the turtle
Another time at bouncing bears. Loving the big slide. He can climb it all by himself now!

So we have been staying super busy. I don't have pictures of it all, but we have been go go go. It's fun for Ethan to get out and do something at least once a day. Even if it's just an hour at the park. Hopefully next time I won't go so long without posting so I don't have picture overload!

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Krysta said...

He looks so cute in his hat! I don't think I have ever seen him wear one. He really is territorial about his grocery cart! hahaha...he is so cute!