Friday, August 12, 2011

Ethan may be the next Justin Bieber

Just joking, but he sure is cute:

I just want to bottle him up and save him like this FOREVER! He is just too cute. Everything he does is photo worthy.

I can't believe summer is almost over. We went school shopping today for Alexa. It was just a mommy daughter date. It was fun.We don't get enough alone time like this together. She is turning into a teenager over night. I don't have pics, but there will be pics of the first day of school. So I can remember her first day of fifth grade outfit, smile, cute personality, hair do, and all that jazz.

I wanted to post about our library day last week, but didn't manage to find the time. So here it is, a week late. That's alright we have done this once a week pretty much the whole summer. I just wanted one of the days recorded here.

These pics are a bit blurry. Don't know what happened with that!

 Trying to play on the big kids computer games. He does this every time.
 concentrating on what book to pick
 Nope not that one! Ha! How about this one sister?
 Our weekly trip to the play place at the mall. Getting Ethan worn out for his nap ;)

 Which ended with this, of course:
 He was cracking me up the other day riding this little pink bike in the house with his hat turned back. Too funny! Every time I would tell him to look, so I could take a pic, he would take off the hat. Stinker!
 Kisses! He sent this picture to his daddy while he was at work. His daddy sent a similar one back and Ethan has been kssing his daddy on my phone all week. Awwwwww!

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